Lido Key, FL

Real Estate: Living In Lido Key

Lido Key, FL

An aerial photo at sunset of Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida. File photo: Felix Mizioznikov, Shutter Stock, licensed.

Lido Key is a barrier island located off the coast of Sarasota, Florida. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, wildlife, and outdoor activities. Lido Key is situated between Longboat Key to the north and Siesta Key to the south. It is connected to the mainland by the John Ringling Bridge, making it easily accessible by car. The island is about 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide, with a total area of about 1.5 square miles.

One of the main attractions of Lido Key is its beaches. Lido Beach is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing, and is known for its clear blue water and soft, white sand. North Lido Beach is a quieter, more secluded beach that is ideal for nature walks and birdwatching.

In addition to its beaches, Lido Key is home to several parks and nature reserves, including South Lido Park and Ted Sperling Park. These parks offer opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and wildlife watching.

Lido Key is also known for its shopping and dining. St. Armands Circle is a popular shopping district that features a variety of stores, restaurants, and cafes. The area is known for its upscale boutiques and fine dining restaurants, as well as its lively nightlife.


Although the majority of the island is dedicated to tourism and recreation, Lido Key has a mix of single-family homes, condominiums, and vacation rentals that are available for both short-term and long-term stays.

The residential areas of Lido Key are located on the northern end of the island, away from the commercial district of St. Armands Circle. Many of the homes on Lido Key offer waterfront views of either the Gulf of Mexico or Sarasota Bay, and some have private docks for boats and watercraft.

Lido Key is a desirable location for those who are seeking a vacation home or a second home in a tropical setting. The island’s proximity to Sarasota and its many amenities, including the beach, parks, and shopping and dining options, make it an attractive destination for both residents and tourists.

Overall, Lido Key offers a mix of residential and commercial properties, making it an interesting and diverse destination on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The population of Lido Key is relatively small, and the majority of the island’s residents are retirees or part-time residents. As a result, the income levels on Lido Key may be higher than average, although this is purely speculative and not based on any official data as Lido Key is not an incorporated city or town. As such, there is no specific median income data available for Lido Key.